7 Instant Curb Appeal Improvements.

7 Instant Curb Appeal Improvements.

Curb appeal improvements are a fundamental dynamic in enticing a buyer to your front door. First impressions are significant, and the exterior of your home should capture prospective buyer’s interest in a positive way. Simply put, curb appeal improvements will help you sell.

  1. Have a plan.

Sitting down and putting thought into what you need to do, and what materials will be needed in order to complete each projects is a necessity. Outlining your plan from start-to-finish will keep you on track, within the budget set, and make each goal manageable and attainable. 

  1. Pressure wash.

Nothing says love-in like sudsing up your homes exterior from roof to foundation and all the hard surfaces that look dingy over time. Walkways, driveways, patios, decks, windows, and siding can develop mystery stains, mildew, odors, and show signs of tree sap, dirt, and wear & tear. To remove troublesome stains, power washing your homes hard surfaces to get them clean. This speaks volumes to buyers, that you have properly maintained the property.

  1. Landscaping that beckons to be paid attention too.

Take pictures of your existing landscape. Visit your local garden center and ask the experts what beautiful and inexpensive flowers and plants could be added to give a splash of color, texture, height, and interest. Adding colorful flowers, ornamental shrubs or plants can attract buyers. Professional landscaping is expensive, so work off of what you already have. It creates visual interest for buyers to really focus on and stay at your home longer. That’s a good thing.

  1. Revitalize the shutters and trim.

Shutters and trim are like eyeliner and false lashes. They frame the windows and make them standout. Rather than spending thousands of dollars or hours painting your exterior, think about freshening up the trim and shutters.  Take into consideration what your front door color is, and either do a complementary, or stick with what you already have. A fresh coat of paint is a transformational curb appeal improvement.

  1. Spiffy-up your mailbox.

It’s all in the details. Think about when you are looking at a new home.Your eye takes in every detail, just drinking up the images in front of you. Thanks to HGTV, buyers want to be impressed and expect homeowners to take pride in the appearance of their largest investment. So, having a mailbox that is new and shiny or repaint your old one, and recycle. This is an inexpensive item that can make your home look polished.  Curb appeal improvements don’t have to be expensive or time consuming. 

  1. Knock, Knock. Your front door is super important.

Your front door is the gateway into your home, your sanctuary, your largest investment that you are trying to get the most money for…Invest in a new door or paint.If your door is not weatherproof, dented, and/or in disrepair that is going to speak volumes to the perspective buyers. They are going to wonder what else is wrong, and why would you sell your home with a banged up-front door? Oh, and the hardware is important, as-is the lighting (please put in new light bulbs) house numbers and a doorbell.  Not only will buyers notice, but so will their home inspector and the appraiser! If you just need a fresh coat of paint, then maybe consider a new color. If it goes with your home, the traditional colors of red, blue, black, and yellow are great. If it goes with your home, traditional colors such as red, blue, black, and yellow are great. If you want something different, I suggest taking a picture of your home, going on Pinterest, Instagram, or your local home improvement center, and get inspired (complementary colors for neutral tones).

  1. Shed some light on the subject.

Let the light lead the way. Lighting helps to guide people where you want them to go. Lighting the path to your formal front door sounds basic, but the impact is sensational.Curb appeal improvements that pack a punch! Consider LED solar-powered outdoor lighting. It doesn’t have to be hardwired; it is safe, affordable and can easily be removed for in climate weather. Entice buyers to the front door, your patio area in the back, or down a side path. This creates a simple and sophisticated impression, directs the way, and helps buyers focus on all of the great areas your property has to offer.

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