A Father’s Love

Dad, father,

A Father’s Love

A father’s love means so much. To the dad’s that were there for diaper changes and midnight feedings, scraped knees, and screw-ups, 3-pigtails and crazy outfits, sports fiascos, and driving mayhem and near misses, thank you. Thank you for the sage advice you shared even when we thought we knew better. Thank you for your love and determination to shove us back into the arena of life to do it again and do it better. The white-glove inspections we always failed, and the tough love when we needed to learn it the hard way. Bellowing yells because toy trucks and bikes were left in the driveway and toys were left in the bathtub. “OPEN THE DOOR, OPEN THE DOOR,” as he ran for the backyard when our cooking experiments went awry, flinging the flaming pan, so the house wouldn’t catch on fire. Muttering he wasn’t cut out for this, and don’t tell your mother!

A father’s love is a powerful foundation for the rest of our lives, as they guide and protect, and thus stand by our side or lend a helping hand to pick us up when we fail.  “It’s okay, at least you tried!”

Thank you for helping, loving and caring.

A father’s love means so much.

In the silence of your Soul, all will be answered.

My dad was a profound man.  A teacher of what was most important. Dad taught me that no man need prepare to meet his maker; he meets Him every day and each hour in the day. Each person meets Him in the rising sun, a flowing stream, in the joy of friendship and love, and most importantly, in the Silence of their Soul! Dad taught me silence was a virtue (which was no easy task) and he taught me to listen to what I was feeling, knowing, and needing. “Remember, you are never alone, the Father is always with  you.”

Dad taught me in the way he knew best; simple, direct, and in a way that always made me think… And he opened my eyes to a world that so many turns away from, intentionally ignored or are blissfully oblivious to. I have learned that in our souls, in the silent processes of thought and understanding, we sense another Presence. There is something Divine about each of us, which we have overlooked. There is more to us than we realize, and Dad was still in touch with his inner child, still on his journey, his eternal destiny, a forever- expanding principle of conscious intelligence… the ocean in a drop of water, the sun in its rays. Man, the real man is birthless, deathless, changeless.

Tapestry of life.

I know that there are millions of people, probably on this very day, expressing the same love and admiration for their loved ones that they hold to be immeasurable, immortal, and even more profound than mine. That just shows how each one of us is so very important in this tapestry of life that we all weave. Each of us, a colorful thread that keeps this world together, next to a stranger that really is not so strange, just forgotten.

Dad gave each person in his life a little piece of himself that he did not fully share with anyone else, or maybe it just appears that way. Dad had been my spiritual guide, always sharing his amazing thoughts, life’s important, rough and tough love, respect, humility, imperfection is beautiful, and always respect the one that created me. Yes, that meant mom, dad, and the Almighty! I was reminded on more than one occasion that Dad brought me into this world and if I did not “straighten out and fly right,” he could take me out! Or, his all-time favorite, “Pick a wall, any wall, because you’re going through it.” Dad taught me the irony of life, words can wound more deeply than anything in the universe, the importance of love, humor is a necessity, and that he could do anything, he put his mind too.

Straighten out and fly right!

I knew I wanted to be just like him when I grew up. I did not look at him as a man or a boy but saw him as this amazing force, this spirit, this magnetic personality. He could walk into a room, know no one, and leave with new friends and acquaintances that wanted to help him in every way that they could. “People love me,” he would say, and dad always returned the favor.

Dad started from humble beginnings in Cotulla, Texas, and by the age of 3 or 4, I believe my father was who he was and already embodied the knowledge he shared with each one of us through his spectacular life.

Don’t tell your mother!

Dad was not only a profound man but a visionary, a thinker, a promoter of the everyday person. My dad loved everyone’s personal story and what made him or her tick. He saw the glorious, the sublime, and the raw beauty in the simplest of persons, and that made them either embrace him or for the few that were flawed beyond reprieve, turn away out of freight from him truly knowing them.

Dad was jovial, grouchy, loving, compassionate, endearing, genius, a Marine, a best friend, a great brother, a lover of life, a loving and supportive husband, a powerful father, and a much-enriched soul. Dad could be fierce when he was teaching you a lesson, grueling in his expectations, loving when you fell flat on your face and understanding when you screwed up immeasurably. He would always ask, “What did you learn and what can you take away from this?”, and if you could answer him, and not just express self-pity, remorse or anger he would tell you, “Then you did not fail, you just learned the hard way.”


Slim Jim’s, beer and a pack of cigarettes.

When dad was not inventing a new contraption, dismantling one of my toys or my magnetic numbers and letters for one of his motors, showing me how to repair cars, fixing things around the house, he was taking me on adventures to the fabled garage, the Spartan Bar. The Spartan Bar is a little dive joint in Dover where he taught me drinking songs that I, unfortunately, shared with my kindergarten class.  He taught me to NEVER sit on a public toilet seat, colorful profane language, the fine art of “don’t tell your mother,” and that if you have Slim Jim’s, beer and a pack of cigarettes, you can solve most of life’s problems. If not, you enjoyed pondering the solutions. A father’s love sprinkled with humor and antidotes of life experience and screw-ups.

Dad was simplistic in what was most important to him, but he was not a simpleton. He was complex, genius, and full of surprises. He truly could have been anything he wanted had he taken the time for himself. Dad would tout his lack of education and then discuss “red line theory”, quantum physics, magnetic anything, and he was always trying to solve a problem. Dad told me, “If you are well read and do your research, then you could find the answers to anything.” He always saw the capability in everyone around him, but I think he saw a lack within himself and because of this he pushed you forward, many times with a firm shove. There was nothing worse to him than not thinking or not trying because you were afraid to fail. He’d asked, What is worse, not trying and always regretting the “what if,” “or trying and falling on your face? Who cares what others say, they are just people, also afraid of the ridicule.”

A father’s love sprinkled with humor and anecdotes of life’s screw-ups.

How dad spoke the truth. I have had people sitting on the sidelines cheering for me to fail. I have failed and while everyone was there to revel in my failure, my father was there to encourage me to try again and help me move forward. I learned something valuable, I learned something new about the world, the people in it, myself and what I could endure.  My Dad made me a better person, humble, ever searching for the next challenge, aware that life was not neatly packaged, not perfect and tucked in a box. Dad taught me that life is messy, scary, ever changing, ever moving, and always an adventure.

A father’s love is profound. My Dad was perfectly imperfect, tough and austere, a Marine, a prognosticator, loving, a thinker and a humorist and the little boy from Cotulla, Texas. My father set out on his journey of life, and luckily took us all on his adventure.

Dad came a long way, saw a lot in his lifetime, impacted countless souls and made an everlasting impression on so many hearts.  My Dad will be missed, never forgotten, and truly cherished.


In the silence of his Soul, there is always a refuge, Peace, Love, and the Divine.



Happy Father’s Day!




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