Dollar-Stretching Housekeeping Advice for Dog Owners

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Housekeeping Advice for Dog Owners


Dog ownership is one of the most fulfilling of life’s journeys. Our beloved pups give us steadfast love and companionship, and their antics bring us joy and laughter. At the same time, in some ways, they complicate keeping a clean home. Thankfully, there are plenty of smart methods for maintaining a sparkling home, and you can even do it without overspending.

 Clever cleaning strategies

All dogs chew to some extent, but pups and certain dog breeds chew more than others. When the drive to chew is strong, such as during teething, stress, or during play, dogs can put things into their mouths they shouldn’t. With that in mind, it’s best for owners to use non-toxic cleansers throughout the home. You can DIY your own cleaners from products in your kitchen cupboards, such as lemons, white vinegar, and baking soda. Figo Pet Insurance notes there are also some terrific pet-safe cleaning products available commercially as well. Assemble an assortment that will suit your personal needs, and to make the most of your budget do your shopping with retailers like Amazon where you can search for discounts, in-store offers, and cashback opportunities.

There’s a vac for that

Dogs come with their share of messes. Not only do they bring in dirt and crud from the great outdoors, most dogs shed, and some breeds are heavier shedders than others. Depending on what surfaces you’re cleaning and how much portability you have in mind, Good Housekeeping points out there are different types of vacuum cleaners worthy of consideration. For instance, you might decide to invest in a couple of vacuums, like a canister-style for deep cleaning, and a handheld for tidy-ups. Or you might prefer to purchase a robotic version to automate some of your work and stash an upright in a convenient coat closet for the heavier cleaning burden. When it comes time to purchase, check special offers from companies like Dirt Devil to get the most bang for your buck.

Cleaning Fido himself

No matter how adorable, sweet, loving, and personable our beloved canine companions are, they can be sources of hair and yucky smells. Some dog breeds simply seem more smelly than others, and some just love to roll in gross things in the great outdoors. Groom Fido routinely to reduce both fur and odor, thus cutting down on your cleaning burden. Consider setting up his own in-home-spa. Assemble some great doggy grooming products, and put a cleaning station in your mudroom or next to an entryway. In nice weather, you can even give him a good grooming outside, making tidying up afterward a breeze. Retailers like Walmart offer a broad selection of grooming products at every day low prices, and you can get free two-day shipping on select products when you spend $35 and up.

 Removing biological matter

Even good canine citizens can have the occasional accident, so it’s important to be prepared when those little dribbles and eruptions occur. Mercola points out that for urine, feces, and vomit, you want to use a cleanser specially designed to tackle the biological matter. Look for products that use enzymes and bacteria digesters to break down the mess at the deepest level, and be sure to treat the accident right away and according to the manufacturer’s directions. This way, you can remove the stain and odor completely, preserving your flooring, furniture, or whatever else is in the line of fire when the incident occurs. Companies like Rocco & Roxie offer effective products, and you can take advantage of their flat-rate shipping, or receive free shipping when you spend $50 or more.


While cleaning and dogs go hand in hand, it doesn’t take away from their unique charms. By setting up a few clever strategies, you can keep your home sparkling and fresh. Make sure you keep your budget in check so you’ll have more money for doggy toys and treats for your beloved friend.

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