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The Chronicle of the Equestrian Lifestyle- in the background, a private tree-lined road leads to a lush manicured picturesque pasture that stretches until the curvature of the earth diminishes into oblivion.
A cobblestone-paved barn with its exposed rough-hewn beams juxtaposed crystal chandeliers, wood paneled luxury stalls, housing your favorite debonair equine.
Or, a rustic homestead with hand trimmed barn boards, embracing the country charm of an antique barn which offers a gentrified rustic setting against a rambling farmhouse that boasts of yesteryear, with the modern conveniences of today, or Plantation style architecture and charming wrap around porch to pass the evenings away.
Beautiful places uninterrupted- wander the palatial meadows and rising hills to the timeless pastime of just being in the moment.