How to Experience the Joy of a Tidy Home Without Hiring an Expert 

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Article By:  Natalie Jones [email protected]

The Joy of a Clean Home

Are you convinced you need Marie Kondo to help you conquer the clutter in your home? While having an expert can make organizing easier, hiring a pro is out of the question for many homeowners. So, how can you still find joy and magic by cleaning up your home? By using these simple tips to turn your dreaded decluttering projects into tasks that are more manageable, more productive, and maybe even a little more fun.

 Add Deep Cleaning to Your To-Do List

As you start moving around your home and getting things organized, you are bound to kick up some dust. You want your home to look it’s absolute best after all of that hard work. So, you should add a thorough cleaning to your tidying plans. Decluttering and organizing take enough effort on their own. So consider hiring professional cleaners to take care of the deep cleaning for you. A- one-time cleaning of the interior of your home in Somersworth will only cost you between $122 – $206, and your home is sure to be spotless afterward. If you prefer to DIY, you can also use a few basic steps to tackle cleaning in each room on your own. Since you’ve gotten rid of clutter, begin by cleaning high spaces first. Start with ceiling fans and cabinet tops, and then work your way down to the floors. This way, you won’t have to keep going back over surfaces you’ve already cleaned. Be sure to turn on an upbeat playlist to make the time go by much more quickly.

Get Your Family or Friends to Help You Out

Even with fun music, cleaning and organizing can feel a bit boring. If you invite a close friend over, though, your chores are sure to go by in a snap. Just having someone around to talk to while you are cleaning can provide a major boost. You can also ask your friend to get in on the decluttering fun! Decluttering with a friend will not only make the process more enjoyable, but you will also have a trusted second opinion to help you really cut down on the clutter around your home. You can thank your pal by helping them out with their own organizing project or with a thoughtful thank-you gift. Wine is usually a welcome gesture, but food gifts are fun to make and give as well. Are you hoping to get your family involved? You can help your kids have fun cleaning by combining your organizing chores with a dance party complete with their favorite songs.

Treat Yourself While You Tidy Up

One way to motivate yourself to organize your home is to treat yourself afterward. But why wait for after?  You can indulge in a little self-care while you get all of those cleaning and tidying projects done!  Before you dive into decluttering, put a relaxing sheet mask (a pack of nine can be purchased on Amazon for $7.95) on your face, or throw some softening lotion and cozy socks onto your feet. When organizing doubles as spa time, you’ll be more motivated to get started on the chores you dread the most. Keep the self-care theme going throughout the day by preparing yourself a healthy, delicious lunch halfway through the day. Indulging in Greek sushi rolls or an avocado-topped salad is sure to power you through the rest of your decluttering project. When you are all done for the day, treat yourself to a relaxing bath, and consider picking up some bathtime essentials to make your post-tidying soak even more calming.

You may not have Marie Kondo around to help create more joy in your home, but you can create more calm. And have fun doing so, all on your own. Start with a top-to-bottom cleaning. Make decluttering a group effort, and most importantly, be sure to treat yourself for all of that hard work!


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How to Experience the Joy of a Tidy Home Without Hiring an Expert 

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