Essential elements—Blessed with varied terrain, including rivers, creeks, meadows, hay land, mountain pastures and abundant wildlife. Big Sky Country!


Are you looking for an unrivaled rustic charmer, or a gentleman’s farm with over 100,000 acres for your cattle to roam? Do you want a boutique or trophy ranch for friends and family to visit and enjoy…, or a turnkey farm with staff and machinery already in place, or maybe a sportsman’s paradise?

Whether working, recreation, luxury or trophy, Davis & Co. will find the perfect farm or ranch for you. Let us help you plan your next adventure.


The Chronicle of the Equestrian Lifestyle- in the background, a private tree-lined road leads to a lush manicured picturesque pasture that stretches until the curvature of the earth diminishes into oblivion.


A cobblestone-paved barn with its exposed rough-hewn beams juxtaposed crystal chandeliers, wood paneled luxury stalls, housing your favorite debonair equine.Or, a rustic homestead with hand trimmed barn boards, embracing the country charm of an antique barn which offers a gentrified rustic setting against a rambling farmhouse that boasts of yesteryear, with the modern conveniences of today, or Plantation style architecture and charming wrap around porch to pass the evenings away.


Beautiful places uninterrupted- wander the palatial meadows and rising hills to the timeless pastime of just being in the moment.


Imagine- the ocean’s edge, Coastlines known for their endless stretches of gorgeous blue sea, magnificent scenery and quaint architecture and sumptuous marketplaces. Or, quite villages with unspoiled views, to the Adriatic Sea, and Roman ruins scattered along the countryside. Along the Mediterranean Coast, taking a summer night stroll through the small historic streets will remind you that life is to be savored, lived and enjoyed.


White beaches, turquoise-blue seas, and green lush vineyards in South Africa to the stunning scenery, unique culture, vibrant atmosphere and picturesque landscapes of Croatia.No matter where you choose to live, your new home will be your own personal paradise. From Spain to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, from France to Thailand and Canada, there is a coastline that will speak to your soul, tantalize your senses- revitalize your spirit with the sun drenched beaches and the smell of the breeze off the ocean waves.


Is Golf your passion or casual entertainment? Can you walk your favorite course blind folded? Is the course where you feel most at home, or do you prefer to look out over the lush manicured landscape, dotted with your friends and enthusiasts alike, enjoying the sport and what the day has to offer?


Davis & Co. will locate a beautiful golf community for you. Not only will we find you your ideal location, but help you choose from unique town-homes, luxurious condos, spacious villas, or private gated resort communities. Davis & Co. invites you to explore the amazing golf properties of the world.


Rustic cabin to contemporary architecture, a wall of windows that will open your eyes and spark your soul. Embrace the white mountain paradise that is your new playground. Dramatic views, easy access and privacy, while outside your front door a skier’s dream comes true.


Luxury, Modern or Rustic- your snow cap fantasies can be your reality. Magnificent scenery, social and healthy fun; ownership of a ski property is one of life’s finer luxuries. Davis & Co. will help you find your perfect snow covered getaway!


Beautiful Vineyards- From Siena, Italy with lush vineyards, olive groves and beautiful luxury villas, to Burgos, Spain with enchanting landscapes and burgeoning fields, France – its extravagant unparalleled beauty and a renowned leader in the winemaking world.


New Zealand, fertile, exquisite and captivating landscape to its celebrated wineries. Let us not forget North and South Americas with breathtaking properties, rich soil, succulent grape and deliciously fragrant air, creates an award winning wine respected the world over. If this is your lifestyle, Davis & Co. will help you discover your perfect destination.

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