The MLS Is The Fashion Runway For Homes. Are You Ready For your Close Up?

The MLS Is The Fashion Runway For Homes. Are You Ready For your Close Up?

MLS is the fashion runway for homes. Be preparedMLS is the fashion runway for homes

Well,  if the MLS is the fashion runway for homes – you need to make certain yours can compete. We understand the “IT Factor” when we see it.  That certain something that appeals to most, if not all. The enticing vibe, the charisma that radiates, and the undeniable mystique that captivates everyone with no explanation. The sumptuous nature that is on the tip of our tongue, but we can’t quite describe. You know what I mean. It!

International Presentation

When your home hits the market, it needs to measure up to the current competition. The MLS is the fashion runway for homes, and your home is now launched globally for all to see! Men and women feverishly clicking through the photos and descriptions, pinning it to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and WordPress.  Only the social media gods know what other realms will capture your homes image and bio. When your home hits that MLS page…, will it strut its stuff and cause quaking silence, gasps and 3 a.m. texts to your Realtor? Or will it stumble and fall, becoming  MLS runway road kill?

The MLS is the fashion runway for homes. Can your home compete?

Are you ready for your close up? Does your home have that certain something that everyone will want to buy? Does it have that confident allure that will tantalize a certain few, and create a commotion or, is it like the little black dress, and arouses everyone as the new must have? Is it the address of style?! You get the idea. It’s like that car you must have, and hate your neighbor Richard for already possessing. Or that suit that makes you look fabulous no matter how hung over you are the next morning.

Color is a beautiful thing

Why are you selling your home? If you want to get the hell out because you can’t stand it anymore, well, that’s what happens when you lose “IT”. Pottery Barn doesn’t give you paint swatch names, show you what they look like in a room, paired with furnishings and accessories for the hell of it. It’s like Garanimals for your rooms. Color is a beautiful thing until it lands in the lap of someone who is color blind or indecisive and goes for the whole Disney palette inside the house, 50 roaming gnomes and their fairy girlfriends greeting you as you walk up the front walkway… This is not a victimless crime!

It, is quality. It is that polished look that is pulled together and easy on the eyes. That does not mean it has to be perfect. But you can’t go and put a frame around a hole in the roof and call it an avant-garde skylight! Nor will the water gushing into your basement pass as your reinterpretation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater house! Wright’s was an architectural achievement, not a, we sprung a leak, lets pass it off as an indoor brook that is “quaint and charming.” Not going to work. Plus, the buyer’s mortgage rep has learned the hard way not to overlook such scathing lending faux-pas.

Nightmare or dream home? The MLS is the fashion runway for homes. Can your home compete?

You don’t want to be the home that is described as “Disney Land” off its meds.  Bad, bad, bad!  You need to make the most of what your home does have. Comparable to concealer, mascara, and the right shade of lipstick, a can of paint, attention to detail (moldings, shutters, de-clutter) and a well maintained abode can fetch you close to what you are asking for, if you are priced right.  Gone are the days that it is the buyer’s problem.  Buyers and their mortgage companies do not want to pay for your lack of maintenance and updates…., yet, you ask top dollar because you choose to compare your outdated home to new and or improved homes.  Buyers are too savvy. When it is your turn to buy, do you want to buy someone else’s headache?  Doubtful.

Simply sophisticated takes the prize. The MLS is the fashion runway for homes. Can your home compete?

Your home needs to turn heads, and that means for all the right reasons. Remember, stylish fashion runway, not a beauty pageant where big hair, pounds of makeup and sequins are all the rage. Hint: If you have orange, turquoise, chartreuse and lapis lazuli blue in one room with a zebra rug on the wall (no judgment) that is the opposite of the It Factor. People are forgiving if there is a splash of funk here and there, but when they have to take out a second mortgage to factor in repainting, that’s a clue you need to tone it down.

Your home needs to tell a story of timeless livability, space, flow, and address. It needs to speak to the potential new owners, that this will be their new safe haven, a place to build their memories and to create their own history.




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The MLS Is The Fashion Runway For Homes. Are You Ready For your Close Up?

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