Size Really Matters? Yes, yes it does!

Size Really Matters? Yes, yes it does!

Size really matters? Yes, yes it does!

What is your preference? Some want Colossal, and nothing else will come close to satisfying them, while others prefer a more manageable size, and then there are those that want genial and small. When it comes to size, it is a personal preference. No one can really sway your opinion one way or another. You can compromise, but then you’re left kicking yourself for not sticking to your wants, needs, and desires. Will compromising your wants leave you frustrated and dissatisfied? Who the hell wants that?! Why the question? Because size does matter!

When buying a home, size really matters, and you have to take that into consideration. What size would work best for you? What size can you afford? You need to take into consideration maintenance, cleaning, furniture, lifestyle, and the list goes on. Couples fight over size because everyone has a preference, an expectation, and a personal rationale behind it.

There are those that want a petite dwelling. Accessory dwelling units (ADU) are popular and making a comeback. Anywhere from 300-800 sq. ft. These secondary homes are usually behind or somewhere on a property with an existing home. It might be a small pool house that was refurbished, garage, carriage house, or brand new and well-designed ADU. Or maybe, you decided I want a bungalow, small chalet, or a tiny cabin. Whatever the design of the home, you have decided that small is your comfort zone. When going down the road to a small home purchase, remember, look for storage, great open design that is easy to move in and accommodating, multipurpose furniture is another bonus to invest in if you do not already have it. Small homes are easier to keep up with, clean, heat and cool, and decorate. Simple. Economical. Ingenuous.

“How big should an ADU be? The rule of thumb used by Kevin Casey, CEO of Emeryville, Calif.-based New Avenue Homes, is at least 360 to 400 square feet for one person and at least 500 to 600 square feet for two people.” (Source: Lisa Marie Hart, NowU)

Check out the following sites for great ideas and information on decorating, furnishing and building a small home.

When Average Size Is Just Right!

Maybe you want more space. The average size home is about 1,800-2,200 sq. ft. When buying a home, seeing yourself enjoy it, feeling comfortable, and being able to utilize what home means to you is important. Not everyone can function in a space no larger than a dorm room, and that is fine.

With an average size home you have a spacious floor plan, kitchen, living room and sometimes a formal dining room. Usually 3 bedrooms and at least 2 bathrooms. It is important to feel as though you can flourish in your new abode. Maybe you are thinking about adding to your family, have large furnishings, or just love space. It doesn’t matter the reason. Mid-size homes feel comfortable, cozy and ready for family and entertaining. Plus, you have more than one room to decorate. More than one space is important for a lot of people. To have privacy, change of scenery, room for kids or family to have their space without it interfering with your space (That’s my spot!). That is what home is all about. Finding your spot and liking it.

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Size Really Matters? Yes, It Depends On Your Expectations And Needs!

Then there is palatial. Nothing wrong with wanting ample room to move around it. So you need a scouter to get around without getting winded. So your dog might get lost trying to find its food dish. That’s why GPS collars were invented (Just a guess)! A home that is measured in acres is impressive to the eye and senses. But again, the buyer has to take into consideration how they live, entertain, and extended family that needs their own wing. When considering a large home, one needs to remember what is most important to them in the design and layout. One needs to not forget that a large home still needs to flow and have a rhythm to its design, it needs to make sense and not just have room upon room. Does it have the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you want? Does it have all the accoutrement’s that are most important and imperative?

Yes, size really matters, and is important because home means many different things to people. It can be based on need, wants, price, and essential elements. Size just happens to be one determining factor, like location and style.


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Size Really Matters? Yes, yes it does!

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