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Growing your wealth through real estate

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Are you suffering from commitment phobia when it comes to buying a home? Why?  What goes through your mind when you think of buying a home?  What are you thinking and feeling when you ponder mortgage brokers and finances?  Procrastination, avoidance, and running in the opposite direction only leaves a few options.  1. Always living with someone and paying them rent.  2, Wondering nomad….  3. Paying your landlord’s mortgage for them, while still having a commitment you must adhere to (lease), and very little as far as protection, privacy, wealth growing benefits, and still living by someone else’s rules and whims.  By trying to avoid the obligations of a mortgage for yourself, you have put yourself in the passenger’s seat.  You must realize that you are obliged and committed to pay regardless, really pay attention to the lease agreement you signed.  It would be better for your financial future that you are the beneficiary of your monthly obligation and not your landlord.

Where will home prices be in 6-8 months?


With a healthy labor market, a small drop in interest rates at the end of 2018, and a significant number of Millennials considering purchasing their first home, it is more affordable now to buy a home than to wait and see what happens.  Home prices will continue to rise, and with that inevitability, renters should be concerned about their home-buying capability.  What will they be able to afford as the price of homes increase?  How much more money will you have to save?  What will the interest rates be, and will you have to buy down?

What will the interest rates be in 4-6 months?

“Consumer mortgage demand and homebuilder construction sentiment are on the mend, which indicates that lower interest rates are beginning to have a positive impact,” said Freddie Mac chief economist Sam Khater in a release.

Be aware of the future

Spring! The homebuying market always picks up this time of year, and with interest rates lower, and with fingers crossed — inventory continues to grow, we expect to see a strong springtime market.  Additionally,  with a stronger market, it will not only usher in a new group of first-time home buyers but also give the sellers the added incentive to put their homes on the market.  Sellers also feel the burden of what is going on.  Having your property on the market when buyers are unsure of what to do, do they really “love” your home enough to make it theirs?  It makes a seller feel uncomfortable about taking the risk.

Grow your wealth with real estate

Bottom line, you will be paying money out every month to live.  With the help of a mortgage professional, you can discuss what you feel comfortable spending, what you want your monthly mortgage amount to be, and what type of mortgage best suits your needs.  As for your homebuying journey, well leave that up to me!  I would enjoy being your go-to for all your real estate needs and questions.  Together, you and I can find you your perfect home!

Happy Homebuying!






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Whose Mortgage Do You Want to Pay? Hint… Pay Yours!

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