Why Do Real Estate Agents Exist?

Real Estate Agents Exist to help sellers protect their rights and asset, and protect buyers’ rights and their money.

Why do real-estate agents exist? Hmm, other than comic relief or a super villain in the movies, real-estate agents are here to serve and protect a seller’s rights and their asset and a buyer’s rights and their money. Realtors® and real-estate agents are licensed individuals that know the marketplace and constantly analyzing and exploring the nuances of the real-estate environment and everything that entails. It is an ever-evolving process, so even a veteran of 20+ years is still learning and growing if they want to keep current.

Why would a home owner benefit from hiring a real-estate agent? A real-estate agent is a representative. We are here to speak on the sellers behalf. We introduce, present and début your property to the marketplace. We market your largest asset the way you want. We interact with fellow agents and with their buyers to bring deals together. We step into your shoes with the parameters agreed upon in advance. We go back and forth on negotiations, we show your property when you are at work, on vacation, weekends and holidays. We are an extension of the seller! We are a buffer between harsh criticism and delinquent showings. We go over feedback both good and bad, and we discuss what that means. We then discuss how to apply that toward a positive end, closing day! We safeguard your time, and your home. Agents market, call, promote and constrain unexpected crisis. Agents solve difficulties that arise and try to see beyond the current circumstance any issues that could occur and create unnecessary complications. We are problem solvers and navigators, interpreters and negotiators.

We are problem solvers, navigators, interpreters and negotiators.


Why would a home buyer benefit from hiring a real-estate agent? Representation is the name of the game. Your wants, needs and rights are protected, just as sellers are. If you hire an agent, that person is going to find out what you want, need, can’t live without, price range, and the time-line you want to stick with. They will help you navigate the real-estate waters and understand what is going on. There is a lot of information on the internet, but what is factual, what really applies to you as a buyer, and how can that knowledge benefit your situation? A buyer’s agent will not only help you find the best property, but they will help you find a mortgage professional, if you did not already have one, prepare you for negotiations, they will help you find a home inspector, title company or real-estate attorney. Agents are here to serve and protect you on your journey to buying your largest investment.

Real Estate Agents exist so that you can still live your life!

Real Estate Agents are here to help the public buy and sell property in the most efficient, legal and ethical way possible. Sellers want the most for their investment and buyers want the best deal and to know what they are purchasing. Agents help in both instances. We help take the burden and pressures of selling and buying off the consume, to the best of our ability. Agents try to find out as much information on the property as they can, and share that so that both sides are informed, protected and move forward fully educated.

Real Estate Agents exist so that you can still live your life, work, play, and not have to sweat the small stuff when it comes to buying and selling your home

If you need help buying or selling, let me know. I can help or find someone that can. Have a real estate question?  Ask away! Need to talk to someone about financial advice?  I can help you with that. I know some great financial gurus!


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Why Do Real Estate Agents Exist?

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