Neutral? Yes, I Want You To Paint Your Walls Oatmeal and Blah!

Neutral? Yes, I Want You To Paint Your Walls Oatmeal and Blah!

Your home should be neutral when you go on the market. What The Heck Is Neutral? What does that mean? Neutral means having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features. “The tone was neutral, devoid of sentiment.” Synonyms: inoffensive, bland, unobjectionable, unexceptionable, ordinary, commonplace. Antonyms: provocative, offensive. I disagree that neutral is bland, and I appreciate when the homes architecture and character is allowed to shine through. Simplicity, elegance and quite-sophistication is an admired feature. Your property has the chance to show buyers what it really has to offer. When your home is bathed in a neutral color(s), it is relaxing to the eye and senses. People can really see what they are looking at. It is not a carnival of colors, textures, and visual noise jumping out at them. It is simple, subtle, engaging and welcoming.

No One Bedazzles Their Stocks and Bonds:

Less offensive is what we are going for. Your home is not going to be your home when it hits the market. It is your high-value commodity that happens to have an address. A piece of merchandise that happens to have a front door and your bed. Take a deep breath and detach. It’s not easy, and even more difficult for some. Their home is their pride and joy. That may be true, but if you want to sell, take lots of pictures, create a journal of all your fondest memories, maybe even do a video documentary on all your remembrances, celebrations, and milestones you experienced in your home. Then, step back and let go.

When prepping your house for the market place, going neutral is imperative. It is a very important stepping-stone on the road to a successful sale. Remember, you want to sell and move on. So you need to remove yourself, and stop marking your territory. That means de-clutter, de-personalize and neutralize your investment.

Neutral colors in your house make it appealing to the majority. Your agent would prefer for someone to say that the house is beautiful and the architecture is magnificent, but it needs a bit of color. Not, OMG! Come here, and see what they’ve done! This distracts and supersedes all the remarkable details, amenities and qualities your house has to offer.

There is a reason vanilla is the most popular flavor!

Buyers can easily be distracted, and once their attention is lost, regaining it is difficult. Buyers can’t see past your stuff. It is a negative disruption. As I mentioned in “The It Factor!” Your home needs to tell a story of timeless livability, space, flow, and address. It needs to speak to the potential new owners, that this will be their new safe haven, a place to build their memories and to create their own history. Like great design in fashion, interior and architecture, it needs to speak to the masses. You want to attract and captivate.

Furthermore, home buyers research almost daily and know what is on the market. Once a buyer has decided to take the time to see your house, if they come in and see something that disturbs them, or turns them off, this can be a deal breaker. Buyers can’t un-see and un-experience. First impressions matter. Busy buyers may not give you a second chance or glance. Presentation is everything, so you need to make it count.

What are some great neutral colors that you could use for your home? I’m so glad you asked.

Oatmeal and Linen

Martha O’Hara Interiors
Benjamin Moore Paint – Shale
Oatmeal on Couch
Linen on Chairs

Oatmeal is not boring nor blah! Restoration Hardware proves that.

Benjamin Moore ‘Grant Beige’ (#HC-83).
Grant Beige is the color of linen. It’s just slightly grey, but never picks up any other color…

Designer White

Benjamin Moore: Creamy White OC-7
Gorgeous with neutral undertones

Swiss Coffee

Behr: Swiss Coffee
This neutral color is soft and looks great on trim with designer white.
Swiss Coffee, Grey, and Cream


Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise: pretty, warm creamy white, Versatile shade.
Benjamin Moore 2152-70 Mayonnaise.
This is a lovely classic cream which looks good in any light!


The 12 Best Neutrals For Your Home!

Neutral undertones make this color work with beige, tan, cream, white and grey.

Neutrals don’t have to be boring. Easy on the eye, a neutral color lets the space and architecture take center stage, and is a blank canvas for someone else to work with when they buy.

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Our Neutral Paint Palette

Julie’s is my most favorite when it comes to selling a home, if you are not certain what to do. My all-time easy fix for most everything… Designer White by Behr paint. I prefer flat enamel, and Swiss Coffee for the trim in semi-gloss. This is easy on the eyes, clean palette, and it goes with so many undertones in your furniture, rugs, window dressings, etc…Plus, it keeps it bright and gives an art gallery appearance to the walls.

When someone walks in and sees fresh walls, that is an open invitation to really look at the structure of your home, what your rooms have to offer, to really pay attention to floor plan and arrangement. Everything that is important and makes your house a great place to call home.


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